What is the Chickdoor?

Chickdoor is an automatic henhouse device - a door which opens in the morning and closes in the evening, all by itself, controlled by ambient light level. It helps to protect the poultry from the predatory animals of the night, like foxes and owls, while also saving you the trouble of having to manually operate the henhouse doors everyday.

Doors require no service and there is no need for any setting changes throughout the year. Standart MicroUSB adapter or AAA batteries can be used to power them.

Automatic Henhouse Door Chickdoor
Pros - Smart sensing

Smart daytime sensing

  • sensor can't be fooled by casted shadows, short time coverage, torchlight shine or the Moon light
  • activation times change throughout the year, depending only on actual light levels
  • doors can also operate in non ideal light conditions
Pros - Power supply

Two options for power supply

  • standart network adapter or AAA batteries
  • controller unit tuned for months long battery life
  • battery levels signaled by colored LEDs
  • use an old MicroUSB smartphone adapter - let's reuse electronics!
Micro USB konektor
Pros - Manufactory

Thought through design

  • simple operation and almost no service needed
  • easy installation
  • high quality materials and design - doors are made in Czech republic

What do our customers think about the product?

We would like to share some of the actual Chickdoor customer's reviews. All opinions are published with the written consent of their author. We appreciate all the feedback from our customers and would like to express our kind thanks one more time.

"The doors were installed on our henhouse and I'm thrilled!!! Maybe even the chickens are. Thanks a lot, don't have to get up early!!!!"

Mrs. Olga Kudrnová, Pardubice

"The first automatic door was bought out of the curiosity and the need to protect hens against predators when left home alone. There were no complaints, not from me or the 'girls' (chickens). The second doors were bought for the expansion of our breeding. One chick kept to herself, wasn't coming 'home' soon enough, we had to carry her in. Cold weather soon solved the problem and the 'girl' now keeps up with closing times, no need for her to have her own keys anymore :D"

Mrs. Miluše Vetráková, Senomaty

"It's a great gadget, reasonable price! I'd like to point out one small issue. Doors should open sooner in the morning. As there is a lot of light coming in through the transparent door and the hens would like to go outside already. We have solved it by putting a black sticker over the door. But that's just my opinion."

Mrs. Daniela Olivová, Krňany

Currently sold product line now already comes with a non-transparent door. Many thanks for pointing out the issue.

"I'm very happy with your automatic doors, thanks to them, our henhouse is becoming an interesting curiosity among our neighbors who like to admire the technology. Although the water ingress in our device remains a mystery to us, we agreed to the precautious measures right away - a complete roof was put all over the henhouse. Please accept our thanks for the quick resolution and kind approach to our issue."

Mr. Petr Mikulčák, Slušovice

"My neighbor bought one and was realy happy. We got one too on his recommendation, but there is a problem caused by insufficient light as all of our housing is covered by roof, it gets dark too early, the morning light comes too late."

Customer's problem was addressed by adding an external light sensor.

"The external sensor is great, now it closes how it's supposed to."

Mrs. Jiřina Kráčmarová, Olomouc

How can I order Chickdoor?

The easiest way would be to visit our online store at www.chytrykurnik.cz.


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Vojta Kolomazník - portrét

About author

All Chickdoor doors are designed and made by Vojta Kolomazník, young mechatronics engineer of Brno University of Technology, Czech republic.

He currently works as an electro-mechanical systems designer at Bender Robotics, s.r.o., in Brno. His free time is dedicated to his lovely wife Káťa, crafting and "DIY"-ing interesting projects, not unlike Chickdoor. He comes from a small town in the south-east of Czech republic, therefore is well aware of the needs of chicken breeders and farmers.